5 reasons to study in Groningen

Posted in Blog by puck on August 27, 2020

Chosen as one of the happiest cities of Europe, Groningen enjoys a bustling reputation. The city is seen as the cosiest student city of the Netherlands and the number of students keeps on growing. What makes Groningen so attractive for students?


Young vibes

The city is powered by and for students, therefore, the average age in Groningen is a lot lower compared to the rest of the Netherlands. More than a quarter of the residents is a student, making it the youngest city of the Netherlands. This creates a real student experience with many likeminded peers. The city is also adjusted to these young vibes with many trendy cafes, restaurants, bars, festivals and events for students. In addition, Groningen has the largest selection and diversity in student and sports associations.


Excellent universities

With a large and diverse selection of courses of studies, the popularity of the city among students is understandable. Currently, the two largest universities of Groningen – Hanze University of Applied Sciences and the University of Groningen – accommodate more than 50.000 students. You can choose from more than 175 different courses of studies, of which most are given in English. The University of Groningen is the fourth of the Netherlands and one of the world’s leading universities with Europe’s top research institutions. The university has a rich academic history which dates to 1614, this can be seen in the impressive historical university buildings. The Hanze University of Applied Sciences is on both regional and global scale known for its strong links with industry and entrepreneurship, therefore, students can expect to gain plenty of practical experience, through integrated internships and practical research.




Even though Groningen is located further North compared to the internationally well-known western cities in the Netherlands, 25% of the students in Groningen is international. This large number of international students along with more than 130 different nationalities ensures a great deal of diversity and a great place for everyone. In addition, a large number of events are organized for international students and there are many student and study associations that ensure smooth and pleasant integration.


Cosy and compact

Despite the popularity of the city among Dutch and international students, Groningen remains a small city with a cosy and down-to-earth character. Everything is nearby in Groningen. The excellent public transport brings you easily to any place with also many possibilities at night-time. However, you can also do it the Dutch way and take the bike. Fun fact: nowhere IN THE WORLD cycle relatively as many people as in Groningen. With the many cycle paths and bike racks, everyone cycles in a safe way from and to the various universities. The city centre of Groningen is very compact, but you can find everything there; cosy squares full of atmospheric terraces, many cafes and bars, places to go out, and an extensive range of shops and weekly markets.





Groningen is also called the cultural capital of the North. With the many concerts in Oosterport and festivals such as Noorderzon, KEI week and ESNS, Groningen offers many cultural outings for students. There are four major theatres in the city and two specifically build for students. In addition, Pop music stage “Vera” has been named the best Pop music stage in the Netherlands several times. Groningen is also home to many museums, all of which are located in the city centre. For instance, the Groninger Museum, which is the most high-profile museum in the Netherlands. So, whether you like music, film, theatre or museums, Groningen has it all.