7 must-haves for your student room

Posted in Blog by puck on November 12, 2020

Moving sucks but decorating is so fun! Whether you’ve spent the last few weeks binge watching The Home Edit or Tidying up with Marie Kondo, loads of you tell us how much you love making your space your own. Decorating your room at Uni is one of those underestimated joys. Every year it’s a fresh start… new room, new year, new goals! There’s really nothing like the feeling of collapsing onto your bed after finishing organizing and decorating everything. And this is one thing C-19 can’t ruin for you, your space is more important than ever.

Over the years we’ve found that there are 7 must-haves in your room at Uni to really make it your own. Sure, it’s easy to say what’s good to have but where can you get it and how do you put it all together to create your perfect little world? Lucky for you, we’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to!

First, let’s figure out what to bring:


Storage, storage, and more storage!

You can never have enough storage and that is a fact of life. Finding furniture that doubles as storage can be a great way to get the most out of your space. Under bed storage is also a great spot to leave some stuff you don’t need daily, like winter clothes, extra bedding and pesky suitcases.



No one wants a desk full of stuff and we know the feeling of never being able to find anything you need on your desk. The solution – organizers. Make your desk a work of art and a space you love to work in. These organizers come in different colors, patterns and styles. Choose what’s right for you and start your academic year as you mean to go on…



No Uni room is complete without photos. Some like to cover their notice board, creating huge photo walls, others like a few on a shelf or on their headboards. Whatever you prefer, photos make your room homey and personal, especially when you first arrive.

If you want a ~chic~ photo wall with pics from your favorite movies or fun collages the best place to look is Pinterest. Add key words/ phrases to your search like “aesthetic”, “wall collage”, and “wallpaper” to find what you’re looking for. Whether you’re trying to create a calming, zen space or re into something specific like TopGear or Legally Blonde, there’s a pinterest board for that!

** CAUTION: keep track of the time when you start Pinteresting so you don’t spiral into a deep photo search!**



Mood lighting

Mood lighting makes everything better. Fairy lights can literally change the vibe of your room so quickly. Plus it’s never too early to spice up your room with some Christmas decorations.


Little plants, big plants, all the plants

Plants are a very popular decoration and we love to surround ourselves with the great outdoors when we’re inside. Plus, plants are also good for increasing oxygen indoors. If you don’t trust yourself to keep a plant alive, start with one that needs minimal attention, like a cactus.


Lots and lots of fun pillows

They’re not only super comfy, they’re a must-have to make your room look cosy. Whether you like to combine with a million different prints, or like to match them two by two, indulge yourself and invest in getting super comfortable.




Mirrors are a great tool to make your room look more spacious and of course essential to show your outfit-of-the-day on the gram.

All these things are great, but where to get them? Below is a list of some great shops in the Netherlands where you can find your decorations.


Where to get it?

– Hema
– Primark Home
– Action
– Xenos
– Blokker


– H&M Home
– ZARA Home
– De Bijenkorf
– Wehkamp.nl
– Made.com



Get inpired!

At Nido we love decorating our rooms, get inspired on how you can decorate your new student room. From super colourful to black-white, we can’t get enough of it! Which colours match and how do the items look in your new student room? We’re no experts but we love to share our designs with you! Get inspired on how you can decorate your next student room.

All items have been purchased from H&M Home, IKEA or HEMA and check out how they can look in your new student room.

Or if you prefer some more colours, check out this room with a touch of green!