You could be entitled to enjoy your modern studio and all the great social spaces at Nido Student, whilst receiving financial assistance from the Dutch government. If you like to stay at Nido Student for longer than 6 months and meet the criteria, you can apply for rent allowance.


What is Rent Allowance?

Rent allowance is a contribution to the rental costs from the Dutch Government for residents with a lower income. The right of receiving rent allowance depends amongst others on your rent costs and income.


Start date

The allowance year runs from the 1st of January to the 1st of January. You can apply for an allowance at any time. For example, if your rental agreement starts the 15th of February and you apply then for rent allowance, the start date of the rent allowance will be 1st of March.


Rent payment

The rent allowance will not be deducted from your rent. You pay the full amount of rent to Nido Student. If you are eligible for rent allowance, you will receive this benefit separate from the Dutch Tax Authorities. The rent allowances are paid in advance, mostly every 20th of the month for the following.


Report changes

When you’re receiving rent allowance and something in your living situation is changing, you need to inform the Dutch Tax Authorities (‘Belastingdienst’). Such changes may include changes in the household, rent, income or address.


Contact details of the Dutch Tax Authorities
  • Phone number general: 0800 – 0543
  • Phone number for international students (English speaking): +31 555385385


Requirements for rent allowance

As it is a contribution from the Dutch Government for the people who really need it, not everyone is qualified to receive this allowance. To find out if you qualify for rent allowance you check if you meet the following requirements.

  1. You must be 18 years or older
  2. You and the landlord have both signed a rent agreement
  3. You pay for the rent and you can prove this with bank statements
  4. Your rent is not too high
    The Dutch authorities work with ‘rekenhuur’ translated as calculation rent, this consists of the base rent plus some service costs. Calculation rent = base rent + service costs (cleaning costs for common areas, energy costs for common areas, costs for caretaker and costs for service and recreational)
    Your calculation rent must be below €432,51 when you’re between 18 – 23 years old
    Your calculation rent must be below €737,14 when you’re 23 years and older
  5. You are renting an independent living space
    All Nido studios have access to an own kitchen, toilet and have their own door, therefore, they are categorized as independent.
  6. Your income is not too high
    Since January 2020, there are no set income limits anymore, the maximum amount of your income allowed to qualify for rent allowance depends on your rent, your age and the composition of your household. Do you think you earn too much? After reading all requirements, try the Trial Calculation in the next chapter.
  7. Your capital is not too high
    In 2020, your capital must be lower than €30.846 to qualify for rent allowance.
  8. You must live in the Netherlands
  9. You must be registered with the ‘Gemeente’ (Dutch municipality, at the local town hall) at your living address (meaning either at Nido Groningen or Nido Utrecht)
  10. You must have the nationality of a European Union country, Liechtenstein, Norway, Iceland or Switzerland.
    Or you have received a residence permit from the Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND). If yes, you are eligible for rent allowance as long as this residence permit is valid.

Do you think you meet all the requirements? Do the Trial Calculation.


Trial calculation rent allowance

Let’s do the trial calculation for your rent allowance. Unfortunately, this calculation is only available in Dutch, but we’ll help you through it. Click here for the trial calculation.

Step 1: Choose the year for which you would like to calculate the rent allowance.

Step 2: Tick box for which you would like to calculate the Trial Calculation

  • Tick ‘Huurtoeslag’, meaning rent allowance.

Step 3: Fill in your date of birth

Step 4: Select the country you will live in during the rent allowance

Step 5: Do you have fiscal partner*?
*In The Netherlands, a fiscal partner is the person whom you jointly apply for a benefit or allowance at the Dutch Tax Authorities. This is often the person you live with or are married to. For the calculation of the amount of the rent allowance, the income of your partner is included

  • If you apply for just yourself for the rent allowance, please tick ‘Nee’, meaning no.

Step 6: Please fill in your total income for the entire year (incl. salaries, benefits and pension)*
*This does not include a study loan or grant

  • If you don’t have an income fill in 0.
  • If you earn for example €200 per month, multiply it by 12 to get the income for 2020.

Step 7: Do you live in shared rooms, a group home for the elderly, or a residential building for assisted living?

  • All studios at Nido Student locations in The Netherlands are independent living spaces, as they include their own kitchenette and bathroom, so please tick ‘Nee’, meaning no.

Step 8: Has the house been adapted because someone in the house has a disability?

  • This is not the case for Nido Student locations in the Netherlands so please tick ‘Nee’, meaning no.

Step 9: How many roommates do you have?

  • If you’re staying in your studio on your own, please fill in 0, if you live at Nido Student as a couple, and therefore, live in the studio with two people, please fill in 1.

Step 10: How much base rent* do you pay per month for your room/house?
*The base rent does not include any service or supplier costs.

  • This depends in which type of studio you are staying, please check your rent agreement, in which the basic rent is stated.

Depending on what you have filled in in step 10, one or two additional questions will show up (step 11 and 12). If not, skip to Step 13.

Step 11: How much service costs do you pay per month?

  • As explained earlier in the document, the Dutch Authorities only include the service costs for:
  • Cleaning costs for common areas (Max. €12)
  • Energy costs for common areas (Max. €12)
  • Costs for caretaker (Max. €12)
  • Costs for service and recreational (Max. €12)

Check your rent agreement and add up those costs. For every service cost the maximum to fill in is €12 euro, even if you pay more. So, in total you can maximum fill in €48.

Step 12: Is your capital greater than €30.846 on 1st of January 2020?

  • Click ‘Ja’ for yes and ‘Nee’ for no.

Step 13: Click on ‘Bereken’, meaning calculate.

Step 14: The results will either show:

  • ‘U krijgt geen huurtoeslag’ à Meaning: You are not eligible for rent allowance
  • ‘Uw huurtoeslag is €….  per maand. à Meaning: Your rent allowance is €… per month.

The trial calculation gives you an idea of your rent allowance per month. However, the result given is not binding and the exact amount may differ after applying for the rent allowance

Are you eligible for rent allowance? Please see below how you can apply.



Rent Allowance application preparations

Before you can apply for rent allowance, you need to ….

  • … be registered at the ‘Gemeente’ Utrecht (The municipality of Utrecht) and change your new address to the Nido Utrecht address. After doing this you will receive a BSN number, this is a Dutch personal identification number, also known as the Citizen Service Number.
  • ….. apply for DigiD. This can be done when you have a BSN number.

If you are already registered in Gemeente and have received a BSN number you can skip to Step 2.

Step 1: Register at the ‘Gemeente’  and receive your BSN number

If you are going to live in Utrecht or Groningen for longer than four months, you must register at the municipality. You will receive immediately your Citizen Service Number (BSN) at the office of Gemeente Utrecht or Groningen.

For Utrecht:

  • Because you don’t have a BSN number yet, you must come to the Gemeente Utrecht Office in order to register.
  • Go to Utrecht municipality website and click on ‘Make an appointment >’
  • Follow the instructions on how to make an appointment.

During your appointment, you will receive your BSN number. This will allow you to open a bank account, receive salary, arrange medical health insurance and apply for allowances like rent allowance.

For Groningen:

  • Because you don’t have a BSN number yet, you must come to the Gemeente Groningen Office in order to register.
  • Go to the Groningen municipality website and click on ‘Make an appointment >’
  • Click on ‘Apply for or activate’
  • Select ‘First-time registration/Immigration to the Netherlands’ and select for amount ‘1’
  • Click ‘Next’ and pick a date and time convenient for you.
  • Fill in your personal information
  • You have made an appointment

During your appointment, you will receive your BSN number. This will allow you to open a bank account, receive salary, arrange medical health insurance and apply for allowances like rent allowance.

Make sure to bring to the appointment the following documents:

  • A valid passport or identity card
  • If relevant: A valid residence permit or proof you have applied for one,
  • If relevant: your BSN number if you have received one already because you have previously lived in The Netherlands.
  • A proof of deregistration when you come from Aruba, Curaçao, Sint Maarten, Bonaire, Saba or Sint Eustatius.
  • A rental contract.
  • Original documents from abroad of yourself and of your children, such as certificates of birth, a marriage certificate or a deed of divorce.

Step 2: Apply for DigiD

In order to apply for allowances like rent allowance, you need a DigiD. With your DigiD you identify yourself when you arrange matters online, for example with the government, educational institutions, healthcare organizations or your pension fund.

  • Go to the website to apply for a DigiD.
  • Click on ‘DigiD application form >’ and follow the steps (they are available in English)
  • After filling in this application form, you will receive a letter with an activation code within 3 working days.
  • When you have received this activation code, you need to activate your DigiD within 20 days, otherwise you’ll have to reapply for a DigiD.
  • On the same page, you activate your DigiD by clicking on ‘Enter activation code >’
  • Your DigiD is all set now, it’s time to apply for the rent allowance.


Apply for rent allowance

Do you meet all the requirements for rent allowance? Then it’s time to apply for the rent allowance!

Step 1:  – Go to Dutch Tax Authorities website

  • Click on ‘Inloggen op Mijn toeslagen’

Step 2: – The welcome page should appear

  • Click on Huurtoeslag ‘> Aanvragen’


The application process of rent allowance is only available in Dutch. If you already live at Nido Student, please ask assistance from a member of the residence team. If not, you can call the Tax Information Line. They can make an appointment for you at the tax office or refer you to a benefits service point. Here, they will help you with your application.


Tax Information Line for residents of The Netherlands: 0800 – 0543

Tax Information Line for non-residents of The Netherlands: +31 555 385 385